Saturday, October 18, 2008

What the Hell have I been up too!

Well let's see. I have been to busy reading everyone Else's Blog to update my own. I have been too busy buying things for Bella's Birthday on EBay. Of course I have been to busy taking care of the girls. There is that enough excuses or what. OK I will update you on everything that has been going on in the Showalter house. Bella is now in PreK and she is doing pretty good, she likes it most days. Abby and I go to a tiny tot program at the park & rec twice a week and she loves that. Rick has been super busy at work they have a huge unit here training and he pretty much works everyday. Thankfully that unit will be leaving soon though. I have been really doing nothing just being super lazy about my blog. I will post a few photos from the summer but I will not blog about the whole summer I am just moving forward with this blog so I wont procrastinate anymore. It is Fall and I love Fall now if I can only get out an take some pictures of the most gorgeous trees. Well here are some photos so you don't forget what we look like. I promise to update regularly from now on.

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