Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Laguna Beach California 2008

California part 2. My brother Sam invited us to the beach with him and his girlfriend Kathy and their daughter Natalie. Natalie is 4 years old and we were meeting her for the first time she is so cute and the girls and her got along great. It was a great day for the beach it was sunny and warm. Bella even went in to the freezing cold pacific water for a little swimming Abby of course wouldn't go near the surf she was content to play in the sand. It was low tide at the beach so we go to explore all the tidal pools. The girls loved all the sea creatures we discovered. I think their favorite were the star fish. We hung out all day we even drove a little further down the coast and watched the sun set at Dana point. I think some day I would like to retire by the beach I just haven't decided which one. The california adventure will continue. We were there for 11 days we have a lot to write about.

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