Monday, November 24, 2008

Bella's 5th Birthday party

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My first born is 5 why does that make me feel so old. Bella wanted a scooby doo birthday party she decided on it the day after she turned 4 she already has next years planned as well. It was a great party all her cousins came and her BFF Jenna from school even got to come. Rick decorated the house with the decorations I made using my new die cutter. I made the cake it took me two days but it was worth it. The cake turned out exactly as I wanted. We played two games pin the dog tag on scooby doo and we had a bone toss game. The kids had a blast. For the good bag my friend Ruiz ann custom made the scooby doo embroidery and I sewed the little bags we used old blue jeans I think they turned out super cute. Every kids got a scooby doo face mask they were a big hit they were all crawling on the floor acting like dogs. Well that is it for this update. I am not sure when I will be able to give another update we are going on vacation to California for 2 weeks. Have a great thanksgiving.

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Steven Miller said...

Happy birthday, Bella. That is an amazing cake.