Sunday, November 2, 2008

New update

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Well October is over I can not even believe how fast time is flying by. This could possibly be our last October here in Wisconsin. The girls had lots of fun playing in the leaves that Rick raked up I had fun taking their pictures. Halloween was super fun Rick and I carved the pumpkins for the girls this year they picked the hardest designs of course but I think they turned out pretty good. We went trick or treating at my Uncle's house again this year with my cousins we had a blast the girls were so cute and my Uncle was hilarious he was all dressed up real scary and he would sit very still until the trick or treaters came and then he would scare the pants off them. Abby was scared of him until he took the mask off then she was fine she even told him to put it back on so she could be scared again silly girl. I added the picture of my roses to make my mosaic even Rick and the girls brought them home one day they wanted me to have something special. Isn't that sweet. We have been very busy these last few weeks friends of ours from Alaska are here visiting and we have been having lots of fun. Hope you enjoy the pictures if you do leave comments I like comments.... Bye for now


tommie said...

happy halloween...have y'all found out where you are moving to next? word verification was cheddar cheese. Made me think of cheese curds!

pshow242 said...

Thank you for commenting! No we have not found out where we are going next we should find out some time this month....