Thursday, September 8, 2011

Arrival in Germany

Our arrival in to Germany went smoother than I thought it would even though we were 2 hours late and the dogs were in there kennels along time. When we arrived in Frankfurt we had help with our luggage and our dogs. We did have to wait a while for the bus to wiesbaden. When we got to the welcome center our sponsor was there waiting for us. Billy took Rick and the dogs to a boarding kennel (the hotel didn't have any pet rooms for the first 2 days). Billy's wife Claudia took me and the girls and all our luggage the hotel. It really was a big help having them.The next few days were busy for Rick as he was in processing. We celebrated Abby's 6th birthday in the hotel with cupcakes and bowling. She didn't even say anything about a big party she thought moving to Germany was her present. We finally got to look at houses around day 10. There wasn't much to choose from but we finally found one in Taunustein. We were in the hotel for 30 days before we could move in. It was a nice hotel but being in a one bedroom room with all of us and the dogs got real old real fast. We did take some day trips while we waited for our house and I will post about those next. I am adding a picture of Abby with her birthday cupcake and her present of living in Germany. LOL:)

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