Thursday, September 8, 2011

Finally a home to call our own

Our house in Germany by pshow242
Our house in Germany, a photo by pshow242 on Flickr.
When looking for a house we had a couple of must haves. It must have off street parking ( my car is way to big to leave on the street or even drive down some streets) It must have a yard for the dogs, and it must have a dish washer. Well we found what we thought was a perfect house. Houses in Germany aren't like houses in the states there are no closest and some houses don't come with built in kitchens and some don't even come with light fixtures like ours. We had to purchase 21 light fixtures so off to IKEA we went and bought the cheapest ones we could find. It took Rick forever to install them our walls and ceiling are concrete he was not a happy man. The girls love the house and we have a very quiet neighborhood the only time it is noisy is when the girls are outside playing. It is a little father from post and it take Rick on average 45 minutes to get to work. We are still settling in and hope to make it a comfortable home. I will try and get photos of the house with our stuff in it. The only thing I hate about our house are the spiders that keep getting in they are huge and when I told the landlord he said there was nothing to worry about this is not Australia and to just use the Hoover on them. I of course was not happy with his comment, but the Hoover does come in handy once you get it plugged into the transformer to make it work.

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