Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bubba's Birthday

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Ok so his real name is Ethan but when you are only 2 and are as big as a 3 year old and wears 4T clothing you get the nickname Bubba. Bubba's birthday party was last weekend and it was a construction theme party it was really fun and of course I made the cake. My cousin Marcy and I started planning this party months ago and we came up with some great ideas. For the treat bags we used orange sand pails with shovels attached and little orange canvas bags in side the pails. The pails and shovels were for a game they played Marcy took a plastic pool filled it with wood chips and hid a bunch of little toys in it and the kids had to dig the toys out who ever had the most won a prize. I also went to home depot and asked to buy there little orange aprons they have for the kids day projects but I didn't have to buy them they gave me 8 of them for free. So we took a group picture to send them a thank you. The party was fun Ethan got lots of great new toys the one we gave him was the best (JK) we got him a water table because he is a boy who loves to splash and make a mess. The one thing I really hate about the Army is living so far from family so while we are here we are always going to have the best birthday parties ever.


Jennifer said...

Dude, you are waiting way tooo long to post :) I need more :)

Luisa said...

Yo- Missy- What's the deal? How's the fam doing? Fill me in...