Thursday, May 1, 2008

A day with Papa

A day with Papa
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Last Saturday Rick took the girls for the day while I went out with Marcy and some friends. He took them to the children's museum and they had the best time. When they were done at the museum he took them to this old fashion ice cream parlor for some ice cream cones. They both had cotton candy ice cream and they thought it was the best. On a side note Rick said when Bella was getting her face painted he said that was the longest he has ever seen her sit still. Rick was so awesome to take the kids out for the day.


Luisa said...

cool tile-- i need to do something jazzy like that!

tommie said...

look at you rockin' the mosiacs!

Tell Rick he needs to do a self pic.

tommie said...

dang girl, don't have to use pics!

check you email, my bow lady has some SU sets on ebay