Monday, January 16, 2012

Garmisch Germany 2011

Garmisch Germany 2011 by pshow242
Garmisch Germany 2011, a photo by pshow242 on Flickr.
All this updating is hard. I am glad I have a good memory. I am up to Veterans day. We took a trip to Garmisch Germany. We met up with our friend Alana who used to live next door to us in Kansas. We were taking care of her dog Anyo while she was deployed well she moved to Italy so she met us in Garmisch to get Anyo. The drive to Garmisch was interesting we couldn't see much it was really foggy. The first day we were there Abby was really sick and I had to take her to the emergency room luckily for us there is an Army post there so they all spoke english it was a German hospital though. After the hospital trip I took Abby back to the hotel for a nap and Rick and Bella went to explore a gorge. The next day the fog was all gone and we could see the mountains they were beautiful. Alana and her son got there it was really sad to give Anyo back she became part of our family we had her for almost 15 months and I still miss her. We spent the next day going up to the Zugspitze it was amazing the view was fabulous. we even got to go sledding. We also went to the Linderhof Palace we took a tour inside but they wouldn't let us take photo's I will say it was a strange palace the grounds were all closed up for winter we would like to go back in the spring when everything is reopened. It was a fun weekend and it was good to see Alana again she even watched the girls for us and Rick and I went to a nice dinner. Garmisch is a beautiful area and we can't wait to go back.

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