Monday, January 16, 2012

Paris France 2011

Paris France 2011 by pshow242
Paris France 2011, a photo by pshow242 on Flickr.
Ok I am up to Paris almost caught up. Lets see Paris what a weekend. When we asked Bella what she wanted to do for her birthday she said she wanted to go to Paris. So off we went on Thanksgiving morning it is about a 6 hour drive from our house to Paris. So we started early. Our first stop was the palace of Versailles. That place is amazing no wonder France almost went bankrupt building it. It is massive we toured the palace and the grounds. We will be going back in the spring to see the grounds completely open all the fountains were closed for winter. It took us hours to see the whole thing. We then arrived at our hotel it was really foggy so we couldn't see the Eiffel tower the first night. The second day was an adventure we got up early and walked to the subway it was right at morning rush hour and as we were boarding the subway Rick and the girls got on but I didn't the door closed right as I was about to get on. It was a good thing we just talked about what stop we were going to get off at. the next train came 2 minutes later and I met up with Rick and the girls. We did a lot on Friday we went to the Champs de Eylsee they had a fabulous Christmas market the girls went Ice skating road a huge ferris wheel and we shopped. we went to the Arc de Triomphe and Rick and the girls went to the top. We could barley see the Eiffel tower it was still to foggy. Next we went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo while the Louvre was impressive it really didn't have my taste in art. I got to see my favorite artist when we went to the Orsay to see the impressionist. Finally on Saturday the sky was clear and we could see the Eiffel tower. The first stop of the day was the Orsay so I could stare at all of the Monet paintings they have then we were off to Notre Dame I haven't been in many churches in my life and that is the biggest one I have ever been in so far (at the time of this trip anyway) The girls got to feed the birds before we went in I was little grossed out watching those birds eat out of there hands but they loved it. It is a good thing I always carry hand sanitizer . We were going to go to the top of Notre Dame but the line was to long for Abby to handle so we left and made our way to the Eiffel tower. Once we got there and got in line it took us 3 hours to get to the very top and back down. I will not be doing that again when we go back. It was dark by the time we got to the top and seeing Paris all lit up was gorgeous. I took an amazing photo of the tower all lit up ( I am just a little proud of myself). So after three exhausting days of walking all around Paris we were all ready to go home. I didn't get to do some of the things I really wanted to do like take a cooking class at the cordon bleu or go to a few food specialty shops so they are on the top of my to do list for our trip back in the spring. Bella said she had the best birthday ever. We asked Abby what she wanted to do for her birthday and she said she wants to go see big ben so I will have to plan a trip to London for this summer.

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