Monday, April 21, 2008


Sunday we went to a crawfish boil is was so much fun and Delicious. The kids had the best time. There were a lot of kids there for them to play with and they had a trampoline with a net so Bella played in that almost all day. The crawfish were perfect it is a lot of work to eat it but we ate a ton of it. They made about 100 pounds of it. Bella loves it but Abby only ate like 2 she just wanted to carry them around all day. It was my first crawfish boil hopefully not my last.

Bella got a hold of the water hose when no one was paying attention to her and she made a mud puddle that her and Abby decided to play in. They were having so much fun in the mud we couldn't stop them . They had to have a bath at our friends house before we left.


tommie said...

Looks like Tammy's cajun rubbed off on you.

Bella would be the first to jump in the mud!

We have a contract on our house!!!

Jennifer said...

I think I told you this already, but Chris could not beleive how big Abby has gotten. So cute! He was remebering about turning Bella over in her crib. I remember to put the crib rail up now :)