Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a weekend

Wow what a weekend. It all started on Friday when I woke up very sick so after I took the girls to school off to the Dr. I went. (I must say having a civilian Dr. has been awesome here I will so miss that when we move.) Anyways I have strep throat again well actually it is the same strep throat I had 3 weeks ago but since I did not finish my medication it came back. I will always finish my medicine from now on because this sucks. When Rick got home from work on Friday Went straight to bed that was at 6:30pm. Saturday I was feeling better and Rick had off all day so we just hung out. Now I am feeling fine so today Rick also had off we set off on a fun family day. We went to breakfast the girls had there favorite chocolate chip pancakes they were huge and Abby ate them all. We did some shopping ate lunch at pannera and went to the park. Isabella ran in to some friends from school and they had the best time. When we finished at the park we went to Chucky cheese. The girls had an absolute blast today they wish every day could be family fun day.

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tommie said...

They are both so big!! Sounds like a kid day nirvana.

Hope you are feeling better soon.