Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wonderful Day

Today was a great day! Isabella had a Dr. appointment with the Allergist, Rick was able to go with which was nice. I had to take Abby to school today because I didn't have a sitter she went on a Field trip to the children's museum she was there for about 1hour and 15 minutes and it cost me 40 bucks (that sucks) but what can you do. Anyways Bella's appointment went great we found out that she is not allergic to anything. So we are taking her off her meds. Bella has been on 4 meds a day for allergies since she was 2 some times I really don't understand Doctors. After Bella's appointment we went to lunch at this great place in Lacrosse called Rudy's it is a drive up restaurant where they serve you on roller skates it is super yummy and have the best Root Beer floats. The weather here has been so nice when we got home the girls played out side for the rest of the day.

I am going to post every week this weeks tasty treat. This week I made a super yummy key lime cheesecake with a raspberry sauce. If you would like the recipe just leave me a comment and I will email it.


tommie said...

I know my allergy medicine makes me feel like I am on an adrenaline rush if I double dose it! Holy cow....poor baby girl.

You know your tasty treat looks great! Post the Oreo pie one.

BTW, we had an offer on the house!

pshow242 said...

Nice try tommie! not getting that recipe. let me know how the offer goes.

Luisa said...

She may have had the allergies in TX, and not in WI. The girls were horrible in TX, remember? And here in NY, it is only seasonal when the mold is very bad.

I, on the other hand...