Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our Thursday

Today I took my girls to the library for the first time they are 4 and almost 3. Does that make a bad mom that I haven't taken them before today? Well I will tell you why I haven't taken them before today I do not have quite children. To my surprise they were very good luckily for us the children's section is in the basement part of our library and we were the only ones there this morning. I let them pick out two books each which took forever they keep picking books we already had. They thought the library was so much fun. We will even go back next week.

Rick made it home on time tonight to eat supper with us we had a Mexican fiesta chicken chimichangas , beans and rice. It was delicious! Abby of course wouldn't eat it she hates Mexican food which confuses me because she is my kids and I could live on it. For dessert I made some mini funnel cakes using pate a choux paste. Rick deck them out for the girls with chocolate syrup and whip cream and we can't forget the sprinkles they were so yummy. The girls loved them and of course made a mess.

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tommie said...

Do they have a story hour? It is a little mor organized, I bet the girls could sit through the 30 minutes of one.

The funnel cakes sound fun! How did you cook them?