Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My first post

Welcome to my blog. I think this is going to be a great way to keep friends and family updated on our lives. We are a busy family but not to busy. I should have plenty of time to keep this blog updated. Hey if my friend over at 3 army brats in pink has time I have time. My friend Tuesday update has a great blog so I will get some pointers from her so I don't bore you to death. As stated in my profile my husband is in the military, he has been now for almost 11 years and we are currently stationed in Wisconsin which is great because I have lots of friends and family here. I get to spend a lot of time with them and we have tons of fun. Although poor husband is too busy at work he has no fun at all. The girls love it here they have lots of cousins to play with. The girls are both in preschool right now and Bella will be starting PreK in the fall. We still have our two old dogs (they are 10) Princess and Aurora. Although they are old dogs they act like puppies most days. I hope you like my blog if you have any tips on how to make it great let me know.


tommie said...

You go girl! I swear I have seen that picture....was it your Christmas card?

I still learn things even after doing one for the last year and a half.

Mom said...

Yay! A brave soul! I swear, getting people to jump on the band wagon is like pulling teeth! Popel are even afraid of just getting an account! I am so happy you are doing this!

As far as suggestions for your page, look over at my blog and read what I suggest! Love ya! Hugs.

Jennifer said...

OK, so if you can do it, so can I :) Good for you!

I think you'll do a great job and maybe when I am brave enough, I'll be asking you for pointers :)